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Trend alert: would you wear a 'naked' wedding dress?

Trend alert: would you wear a 'naked' wedding dress?

Written by Katie Byrne

No room for bridal blushes, ladies! Would you dare to bare in a delicate naked wedding gown?


We thought we'd seen it all when it came to wedding dresses. From strapless to fishtail, princess to asymmetric, slinky frock to sleek trouser suit... There are endless, endless styles to consider for your wedding day. And now - there's the naked wedding dress.

Gowns by Pronovias

Naturally, the naked wedding dress isn't the first, er, nude concept to snuggle its way into the world of weddings. We're talking about you, naked cake: a multi-tiered bake consisting of zero icing (hence the naked) and typically being dusted with icing sugar, fruit and fresh blooms. Gorgeous, no? 

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However, a cake is obviously very different to a wedding dress. For one thing, you don't wear a cake. (Well, unless things have gone very, very wrong.) Yes, we know we're stating the obvious but that is essentially where the similarity ends.

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So what is a naked wedding dress? In short, it's a gown with extensive sheer panelling, especially on the legs and waist area - it hints at what lies beneath but doesn't directly show it off.

How to choose which wedding dress style suits you best

Whilst it's a tale-as-old-as-time concept for occasionwear (hello, red carpets of Hollywood), it's a relatively new, slightly breathtaking trend for bridal. 

Dresses: Grace Loves Lace

According to Australian bridal label Grace Loves Lace - they of the world's most-pinned wedding dress - there has been a recent 30% rise in brides gravitating towards nude wedding gowns. 

Blending the daring with the demure, the naked wedding dress trend is as scandalous as it is sensational. Teasing a glimpse, indulging a passion for style and design, and playing with shape, this is a trend for only the bravest of brides. You can't half-ass this look. Rather, if you're wearing it, you need to go for it, with both hands. You need to rock it. If you don't have the energy of nerve to do it, that's fine - just swerve the style on your dress hunt.

Both by Pronovias

This is a look that varies from the relatively demure - sheer lacy panels on the legs, perhaps, or around the hips - to the totally over-the-top-carnival-queen excessive. 

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Whether you choose to dial it up or dial it down, this is a look that does the talking all by itself. It's bold, fearless and absolutely not for the faint-hearted.

The key to the look? Work out your underwear situation in advance (you'll thank us later), have a test-run of every scenario (can you sit down comfortably? Is anything ~on display~ from the side?) and perhaps consider a second outfit for your evening reception.

And the main tip for naked-gown success? Work it, girl - own your gorgeous gown and enjoy every moment of wearing your barely-there dress.

Top images: dresses by Pronovias.


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