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4 styles to consider for your wedding rings

4 styles to consider for your wedding rings

Written by Katie Byrne

You’ve said ‘Yes!’ to the engagement ring of your dreams and now it’s time for round two of ring shopping – the wedding ring!


Finding a wedding ring that you love just as much as your engagement ring can seem like a daunting task. Don’t panic though, there’s a beautiful wedding band out there for every bride-to-be. This is a truly special ring that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it’s important to get to right!


The best way to start the search? Considering what style of ring you'd like...

Matching metals

Matching your wedding band to the same metal as your engagement ring gives you a really sleek and polished finish. They look as though they’re meant to be together, the perfect unity – just like you and the groom!

If your engagement ring has a yellow, white, rose gold or platinum band then the easiest way to match is a simple wedding band in the same metal. This will sit perfectly with any style of engagement ring. Plus different metals will also wear differently, so by sticking to the same two they will have the same look forever more!

Dazzling diamonds

A diamond-set wedding band is all about the sparkle! If you have a plain band on your engagement ring then a diamond wedding band can add the final touch of glitter you need or if your engagement ring already has diamond-set shoulders, then a diamond wedding ring creates a really magical look. 

One option is to look at eternity rings that you can wear as a wedding band. They are either, half eternity, with diamonds covering half the band, or full eternity, with diamonds going all the way round. Whichever option you go for you’re sure to create a really luxurious look!

Mismatched metals

However, if you want to avoid a matchy-matchy look then mismatched metals are becoming more and more popular as an alternative style! Going for a different metal from your engagement ring for your wedding band is a little more quirky and individual, creating a fun and unique style.

The different metals can still really complement each other, for example, rose gold adds a feminine touch to any metal. When it comes to ring shopping now there are no rules and mixing metals is a really contemporary twist on a traditional look.

Made to go together

It’s a really romantic notion to have two rings that were made to be together. This style is perfect for someone who pays attention to detail, it’s a thoughtful, finished look as the two rings were designed to look stunning together. Laings of Glasgow are Scotland’s only official stockist of Californian brand, Tacori, who make a selection of stunning rings that wouldn’t look complete without their partner.

The unique ‘ribbon’ band has a perfectly fitting wedding band to cradle to swirls and curves, nothing else would look right. Beautiful worn separately, but side-by-side, rings that were made to go together become something truly special.

Whatever wedding band you choose there’s a style out there for everyone – choose a ring you really love and you’ll be admiring your bridal set for the rest of your life!

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