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Five tips for enjoying a stress-free wedding day

Five tips for enjoying a stress-free wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

Feeling a little overwhelmed by your wedding plans? These tips for bridal mindfulness will help you out - and breathe!

Getting married is stressful. Months of preparation and hard work are spent planning the perfect day. While we can’t control the external factors that cause stress, we can learn to control our reaction to them. Below are 5 ways to stay calm during your wedding day.

Create a schedule of events

Coordinating so many tasks and activities can seem over-whelming. One way of staying calm (and on schedule) during your wedding day is to create an itinerary of all the day’s activities. Include your morning’s events, such as hair and make-up appointments, photography sessions - and don’t forget to include travel times. It’s useful to share this itinerary with the reception venue, photographer and other key vendors so that they know where you will be when they need you. Make sure you've got everything covered with our list of must-knows here.

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Delegate tasks and responsibilities

With so many different activities, suppliers and people to co-ordinate in one day, it’s inevitable that there will be issues or questions. Choose someone you trust, ideally not in the immediate wedding party, to handle any minor problems that arise, so you don’t have to worry about them on the day.

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Digitally disconnect for the day

It’s easy to get distracted by questions and congratulations coming in via phone on our wedding day and not truly live in the moment. Change your voicemail to include an emergency contact number for the day and venue phone numbers. Leave your phone at home, or in your hotel room, and enjoy the moment surrounded by family and friends.

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Practice deep breathing before you walk up the aisle

Many brides are incredibly nervous of walking up the aisle. The combination of having so many eyes on them and being afraid of tripping or crying as you walk up the aisle is enough to leave even the calmest of people feeling stress. Take 3 minutes before you walk up the aisle to practice controlled breathing and relax. Stand tall, feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Place a hand on your stomach and just feel it move up and down as you breathe naturally.

Take a breath in through your nose counting 1-2-3 slowly. Pause, then breathe out through your mouth, counting 1-2-3 slowly. Imagine a balloon in your stomach that inflates as you breathe in, and deflates as you let the air out. Remind yourself to let all of the tension go by saying the word ‘relax’ or ‘calm’ in your mind as you breathe out. Repeat for 10 breaths; if you want to see exactly how your breathing effects your stress levels, you might want to invest in a Pip device.

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Take five minutes to stop and enjoy the moment

After months of planning and preparation, your wedding day can pass by in a flash. Make sure you take 5 minutes alone with your partner to saviour the moment and reflect on what’s really important: you’ve married the love of your life!

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