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Can't decide how to spend Christmas with your partner? This will help - promise

Can't decide how to spend Christmas with your partner? This will help - promise

Written by Katie Byrne

Splitting time between two families - and more! - can be difficult, so here's how to navigate it this holiday season...


'Tis the season to be jolly - but when you're in a couple, it can also be the season to get logistical, as you try and work out where to spend your Christmas. However, it doesn't need to be difficult! 

Every family has its own Christmas traditions, meaning you and your partner might not want to spend every moment of the festive season together. However, it's not as simple as that, especially if you're a newlywed or soon-to-be-married couple, or if you have children. Plus, chances are there'll be one of you who it will mean a lot more to than the other, meaning that making sure you're both happy with what's happening can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. 

However, these three tips will make things a bit easier for you both - promise! 


#1 "What do you mean you're seeing your friends on Christmas Eve? I already told my family we're both coming along to their traditional pre-Christmas drinks party!" 

You might always spend the countdown to midnight at your grandma's house, hanging out with your whole family as you drink hot chocolate and sign Christmas carols around the kitchen table. Adorable - but not necessarily something your partner wants to feature in. Work out what the key moments of the holiday are for you both - for you, it might be essential to have Christmas dinner with your parents, whilst for your other half, Boxing Day board games is a can't-miss. 

Working out what your priorities are will mean you can draw up a rough agenda, and work out how much you can (or can't) do together. There's no shame in spending time apart - as much as it might suck, you can still have your own Christmas together before or after the main event.

#2 "Oh, sorry! I thought I told you I'd be spending Christmas with my family in Yorkshire?"

Know at least a month beforehand what you're planning on doing. If there's something one of you isn't happy about, this will allow you time to get used to the idea, as well as meaning there are no nasty last-minute surrpises.

#3 "Wait - why are we only spending a few hours with my family but a whole weekend with yours?"

If you're determined to stay together over the Christmas period - which, if you have kids, is somehow both the simplest and yet most complex thing to do - make sure you divvy up your time together equally. If you're not happy with how time is being split, let your partner know and work out how things can be done differently.

Do it now...

- Work out who you both want to see and where you need to be over Christmas

- Decide what the best way to make sure all of the above are ticked off

- If you'll be spending Christmas Day apart, put a date in your diary when you can have your very own celebration



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