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Real talk: 5 times being a bride is kind-of hard work

Real talk: 5 times being a bride is kind-of hard work

Written by Katie Byrne

Because let's be honest: sometimes, preparing to say 'I do' can be just a little bit tedious


When everyone has thoughts on how they’d do your wedding - but differently

From your colleagues at work to your mum’s next-door neighbour - the moment you mention you’re organising your wedding, it feels like everyone has become a verified planning expert. From your dad side-eyeing your entertainment idea to your cousin rolling her eyes when you’re talking about your dress… There are plenty of opportunities for people to put a dampener on your big-day vision.

However - guess what? The only thing that really matters is that the day you’re planning is what you and your partner both want.

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When you realise you can’t afford everything you want

Having a budget is great: it’s sensible, savvy and means you and your partner (in theory) won't spent outside your means when it comes to planning your dream celebration.

That’s not to say there’s won’t be the odd moment when you realise that, sigh, you might not be able to hire that 12-piece string orchestra you wanted or, sob, that vodka luge shaped like a swan. No matter how hard you stare at your spreadsheet!

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When you have to let someone down gently

Chances are there might be an awkward conversation or two along the way, whether it’s telling someone you don’t have space for them to bring a plus-one, or letting them know that, no, actually they’re not going to be your bridesmaid, even though you were a bridesmaid at their wedding. Be sensitive about their feelings and stay tactful when dealing with the situation.

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When your partner doesn’t get involved in the way you imagined

He might have turned into the groomzilla from hell, or might be frustrating you with his laidback attitude. Either way, if your partner doesn’t step up the way you want him to during the planning, communicate this to him ASAP. 

Don’t plan it all on your own whilst seething with resentment that he’s done nothing; likewise, if he has taken too much creative control, remind him that it’s your wedding, too.

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When you’re facing logistics overload

From staying on top of RSVPs to meeting supplier payments on time and sorting out the table plan… Sometimes planning your wedding will feel like a logistical nightmare. The key to this is staying on top of things - a stitch in time saves nine and all that, after all!

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