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5 things every bride should know about lipstick

5 things every bride should know about lipstick

Written by Katie Byrne

Grab your favourite lippie and pucker up, ladies - National Lipstick Day is upon us! 


#1 This year, National Lipstick Day falls on 29 July 2017.

And it's exactly what it says on the, er, tin: a celebration of all things lipstick. 

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#2 In honour of this year's National Lipstick Day, MAC is giving offering shoppers a free lipstick when they spend £40 or more. 

You'll have your pick from six different shades; the offer is available in-store only, and ends 12 August 2017. 



#3 Now, on to the important business: choosing the perfect lipstick for your wedding day.

Danielle Roberts, National Make Up Artist at Urban Decay, advises: "The key is to not only think about colour but finish. Your shade choice should complement the colour scheme of the wedding including flowers and bridesmaid dresses".

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#4 And once you've got the colour locked down, it's time to decide on a finish! 

From matte to glossy, there's a whole spectrum of styles to pick from - but which works best for a W-day? Danielle recommends: "Choose a lip stick that is your favourite shade and you feel represents your personality, then try two similar shades but in different finishes. Matte finishes work well when your hair is down. Sheer cream or glossy work better with up do’s this avoids any fly away hairs smudging lipstick for pictures".



#5 The secret to longer-lasting lippie?

A smooth application. Gently exfoliate your lips before you apply the lipstick. Then, gently apply one coat, blot with a tissue and let it dry. Then, apply a second coat and apply. And voila - lipstick that should stay in place all day long! (Though make sure you bring it with you so you can apply a touch-up if needed.)

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