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Treasure from the ocean - and the perfect gift for your wedding day!

Treasure from the ocean - and the perfect gift for your wedding day!

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

Traditional pearls can make for a beautiful way to add 'something new' to your wedding day...



Is there anything more classic than the image of a bride in pearls? 

Traditionally speaking, the creamy stones are symbolic of the bride's future happiness. Why? The Ancient Greeks believed they represented the bride's tears - and by wearing them around her neck, the bride would have a blissfully happy, tear-free marriage.


A more recent tradition is for the father-of-the-bride to present his daughter with pearls on her wedding day, with the milky stones symbolising perfection, purity and innocence.

And pearls don't just make a gorgeous accessory for the bride on her wedding day - they can also make a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids, too. 

Not sure where to begin with finding the perfect pearls? Browns Family Jewellers have endless gorgeous ideas, available to buy right now - browse our top five edit below!

#1 Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings, £450

Oh so elegant, these glinting earrings would make the perfect match for a chic updo - and will also make a glamorous addition to your day-to-day style long after you've said 'I do', too! More info here.

#2 Chlobo Bracelet Pearl Puffed Heart, £49

This pretty bracelet would make a gorgeous gift for older flower girls or younger bridesmaids! Available to buy here.


#3 Diamond and pearl drop earrings, £2,195

Create your very own family heirloom with these breathtaking earrings. Whether they're a gift from your family or an extravagant bride-to-be present for yourself, they're one of the most gorgeous investments you could ever make. More details here.


#4 Diamond and pearl cluster ring, £1,995

Didn't think pearls could be worn as rings? Wrong! This gorgeous bauble would make an elegant addition to any hand - either as a belated engagement ring, or as a landmark anniversary gift. Details here!

#5 Antique Diamond Bow Pendant, £2,975

This beautiful necklace is the perfect blend of Victorian elegance and timeless glamour. Totally, utterly breathtaking - and worth every penny! Click here for more info. 

Happy shopping!


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