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Will your wedding have its very own Snapchat filter?

Will your wedding have its very own Snapchat filter?

Written by Katie Byrne

Adore Snapchat? This could make the perfect finishing touch for your wedding day...


Love Snapchat? If so, you might have already considered how you'll include the social platform in your wedding plans - and maybe even pondered how you can include your very own filter.

As in, literally: a filter just for you and your celebration. Amazing, no? And if you thought that kind of thing was reserved just for businesses and the A-list, think again!

Last winter, Snapchat launched its brands new Holiday Party Filters option, allowing avid Snapchatters to design and buy their very own On Demand Geofilters - perfect for birthday parties, seasonal celebrations and, of course, weddings!

Image: Snap That Filter

Prices start from just £5 for personalised geofilters, making it an easy, budget-friendly way for couples to include an extra-special bespoke finish to their wedding plans.

Alternatively, it also makes a gorgeous gift option from a tech-savvy guest who wants to surprise the happy couple just before their nuptials!

If you love the idea but are left a little worried by the word 'design', fret not; you don't need an artistic bone in your body to make your filter dreams a reality. The filter's timer can be set for up to 30 days, whilst its reach can extend from a minimum area of 20k square feet; FYI, duration and size will both impact on the prices.

It's an easy-peasy ways to encourage your wedding guests to share their snaps; you'll also have access to a dashboard, which will allow you to see how it's been used. 

Start designing your very own wedding filter here; alternatively, visit Wedding Wire for its vast collection of easy-to-customise designs.


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