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4 things to consider before you choose your Maid of Honour

4 things to consider before you choose your Maid of Honour

Written by Katie Byrne

Umm-ing and ahh-ing over who to pick as your Maid of Honour? We've broken it down for you with these four simple pointers


Which qualities are most important to you when it comes to your MOH?

Do you want someone who can be there for you 24/7? Or are you super-chilled and not really fussed about what she can (or can't) commit to? If you decide in advance what you actually want your Maid of Honour to do, it will make finding the perfect person a whole lot simpler, and help to eliminate people who - for whatever reason - aren't what you want. That's not to say they can't be bridesmaid, of course; they just might not be what you're looking for when it comes to your MOH. 

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Consider what she's got going on at the moment

If you know she's frantically busy with work or running round after small children, adding an extra responsibility to her to-do list might not be the wisest idea. However, if you want her to be Maid of Honour in name and little else - and really don't mind if she isn't able to join you for every dress fitting/DIY session/planning catch-up/etcetera, then perfect! As soon as you ask her, let her know they'll be very little involved, to spare her feeling stressed or pressurised into saying 'yes' to something she might think she's unable to commit to. 

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Think outside the box 

If your best friend is your mum, ask her! Similarly, have a lot of guy friends? Ask one of them to step up as Man of Honour. There's no point trying to shoe-horn someone into your celebration because you think you ought to, let alone feeling miserable because you don't feel you have someone who ticks the stereotypical-MOH-box you can ask. 

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Do you even want a Maid of Honour?

If you're not bothered about titles or names or roles, ponder whether you actually want or need a Maid of Honour. If you'd rather just have a group of your best friends as bridesmaids - without cherry-picking one to sit above the others - that's cool; or, for an even more minimalistic approach, you might not even want to have bridesmaids at all! (It's a trend - Pinterest said so.) Whatever your situation, don't feel pressured into doing it for the sake of it. 

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