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The 5 emojis every bride uses during her wedding planning

The 5 emojis every bride uses during her wedding planning

Written by Katie Byrne

In honour of World Emoji Day, we've rounded up our predictions of the emojis brides most use...


Used when: Originally, used a lot during initial conversations about your engagement and wedding plans. As the timeline progresses, it's used more as a subtle reminder that you're the bride, so your word goes.

Avoid it... If you're maklng a particularly 'big' request - guilting people into doing stuff they might not want to by playing your 'bride' card can potentially lead to resentment from your bridal party.

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Used when: You want to emphasise excitement about a particular element of your wedding plans.

Avoid it when: Talking about bitter disappointments or stressful situations; avoid linking the chirpy party-popper to your wedmin issues.

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Used when: Talking to your partner about your future plans - whether it be the wedding day, the honeymoon, your lives together after the big day...

Avoid using it... Too excessively. It will limit the 'aw' impact if you dot every single sentence with it. (Instead, alternate with other adorable faces instead.) 

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Used when: Talking bridesmaid 'stuff' - from dress shopping to hen party teasers.

Avoid it when: You're trying to persuade your girls to do something they're not too keen on. 

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Used when: Who knows? Whether it's a grin of joy or a grimace of frustration, this enigmatic face can be used in all manner of situations.

For example: "Caterer has just cancelled but it's fine - my aunt's offered to step up and make some of her famous sandwich platters..."

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