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5 realities of changing your name after your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne, published 13th oct 2017

Yes - it WILL take you a little while to adjust to having a new name called out in the waiting room...


#1 You’re going to need multiple copies of your marriage certificate, ASAP

You'll need to send a copy of it to all the relevant authorities - such as the DVLA to update your driving license, the governement to change the name on your passport, the bank...

Who you need to inform when you change your name

#2 It will take you a while to get used to your new name

If you're sitting in a doctor's or dentist's waiting room anytime soon, it might take you a moment or two to realise that, yes - that's your name that's being called out.

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#3 ...And your new signature

Practice makes perfect, people!

Will you change your name after your wedding day?

#4 You might want to hold off on changing your email address

If your personal email address features your surname and you want to change it, run the process as more of a gentle transition rather than a blunt swap. If forwarding isn't an option, set-up a new email address and start handing it over to new contacts; send an address-book-wide message to your old contacts, stating your new email address. However, make sure you check your old address from time-to-time, as some messages will slip through the net.

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#5 But you can go for it on your social media accounts straightaway!

Swap your name over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al - perhaps share a pic of your shiny new signature from point #3 to break the name-change in style! 

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