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7 ways to include your mother-in-law in your wedding planning

7 ways to include your mother-in-law in your wedding planning

Written by Katie Byrne

Not sure how to involve your MIL in your wedding plans? We've rounded-up some great ideas for making sure she feels a part of things!


Ask her to share her ideas

From inviting her to join your secret Pinterest board to adding her to your ♥ Wedding Planning ♥ WhatsApp group, make it clear to her that her thoughts and ideas will all be taken on-board. 

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Ask for her input on specific elements

For example: if she has a passion for flowers, she might be interested in attending your florist appointments with you. Alternatively, if she's a fabulous sewer in her spare time, she might be interested in helping you create the strings of bunting you envisage daintily decorating the ceiling of your wedding venue. If she doesn't want to, fine, but give her the opportunity to turn down the offer.

(Let's be real though - who could turn down the chance to hand-stitch yards and yards of bunting?)

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Make sure she's on the guest-list for your hen party

If a night out or weekend away isn't her kind of thing, perhaps consider holding a smaller bridal-shower-style party ahead of the wedding, too. 

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Schedule in a few family get-togethers

If both sets of parents already know each other well, great. If not, the run-up to your wedding is a brilliant opportunity to open up lines of communication between your families. Host a dinner at your parents' house, host another at your parents' family home, head out to a mutually-loved restaurant... It doesnt really matter what or where you do it; just make sure you do it! 

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Offer to go shopping with her for her wedding outfit

A 'girls' day is a great way to make her feel included in your plans - whether it's just the two of you or you invite other family members, it will be a wonderfully intimate way to remind her she's a key component of your wedding party.

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Ask her to tell you about her wedding day!

Because who doesn't love a trip down memory lane?

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Make sure you and your partner keep her in the loop as your plans develop

Because it's not just on you! Your partner should be making an equal amount of effort to make sure his/her mother is involved in the day. 

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