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This DIY wedding table plan will add some serious pretty to your day

Written by Katie Byrne, published 14th jun 2017

Budget-friendly, colourful and oh-so cheery - what's not to love?

The wedding table plan is notoriously difficult to get right: from the sizes of tables to working out how, exactly, to seat warring friends/family in the same room, it can induce some serious headaches.

However, once you've got all that logistic (shudder) stuff out of the way, you can move on to the more enjoyable part of the table plan: actually seeing it come to life.

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Transformed from scraps of paper and Post-It notes into an actual tangible, beautiful thing, it suddenly seems decidedly less, well, tedious.

One gorgeous way to display your seating arrangement? Spray-painted cans, filled with a handful of colourful blooms and displayed on a stepladder.

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Our favourite thing of all about this idea? You can make it all yourself: from decorating the cans to brushlettering (or typing) the text. Don't want to use flowers? Use colourful ribbons, small candles or sweets to fill the cans instead. 

Match the can-plan to your table numbers by punching numbers onto cans - easy peasy!

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