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The champagne vending machine is here and we want it

Written by Katie Byrne, published 7th jun 2017

A bubbly addition to any wedding reception...

Vending machines. Hardly the most sophisticated of creations are they? Practical, functional and perfect for that spontaneous mid-morning chocolate fix, they're useful but not exactly - well - glamorous

However, all of that has very much changed.

Moët et Chandon - they of the fine and vintage champagnes - are now offering people the opportunity to hire a champagne-filled vending machine for a special occasion.

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(Or, you know, just a quiet Saturday night in...)

Unlike normal vending machines, there's no scope for bottles getting stuck, and there's also no risk of bottles smashing as they're delivered - rather, they'll be gently handpicked by a golden arm, which will safely deposit your bottle for collection.

Perfect for a wedding reception, the branded vending machine is available when customers purchase 26 cases of Moët Minis, or 35 cases of 75cl bottles or magnums (1.5l). You'll also get personalisation of up to 624 individual Moët Minis - meaning the dinky bottles of bubbles can double-up as cheers-worthy wedding favour. We'll drink to that!

If a vending machine doesn't float your boat (say what?) then a photobooth alternative is also available - find out more here.


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