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7 things to definitely be prepared for on your wedding day

7 things to definitely be prepared for on your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

It might happen, it might not - but it can't hurt to be prepared just in case!


#1 Bad weather

Fact: nobody dreams of a storm-lit, wind-battered wedding day. But if it happens, it happens! Be prepared: invest in cheap umbrellas that you can sell or donate to charity afterwards; make sure your venue will be adequately heated (or, on the flipside, that fans are available). 

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#2 Stains

Wedding dresses are essentially magnets for stains - meaning no matter how hard you try, you will almost certainly end up with a splash of wine, a streak of mud, smudges of make-up...

#3 Noise during your ceremony

Sneezes, hiccups, crying... There's potential for all kinds of unexpected sound effects to cause momentary distrations as you exchange your vows. But rest assured they'll never be quite as distracting as what happened to this bride

#4 Unexpected guests showing up

They didn't have time to give you their RSVP - but you've got time to somehow squeeze them into your table plan, right? If there are still some potential guests who have neither confirmed nor denied whether or not they're able to attend, decide whether you're going to have a strict no-RSVP-no-entry policy, or, alternatively, set aside a few spare seats. An awkward 'your name's not on the list' encounter versus paying for food that might not be eaten - it's a win-win situation, no? *Withering stare* 

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#5 People not 'getting' a concept

Whilst you adore the cool, slightly quirky 'wishing bottle' idea you had for your guestbook, your nearest and dearest might not be quite as au fait with it. If you're doing something a little, er, off-piste, make sure you provide clear instructions of what people are expected to do.

#6 Your feet hurting

Whilst those pointy-toed, stiletto-heeled shoes were the perfect choice to match your wedding gown, they won't necessarily be quite so complementary by the time you get to the dancefloor. Have a pair of comfortable flats to-hand, just in case - and plasters. Lots of plasters.

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#7 Using the bathroom

No, really. Whether you're wearing a structed fishtail gown, a pouffy princess-style frock or a cute vintage-inspired tea dress, chances are using the facilities will require a little prior preparation - and potentially some assistance from your bridesmaids. 

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