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5 tips for choosing the perfect fragrance for your wedding

5 tips for choosing the perfect fragrance for your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne

The founders of Design In Scent share their advice for picking your bridal perfume


1) Make use of the extraordinary way our sense of smell works

Choose a new fragrance for your wedding rather than one you have worn before, so that you create a new association between the fragrance and all the love you're feeling. When we smell something for the first time, we permanently connect it with whatever we are experiencing in that moment, which is what makes scent so very evocative and able to trigger memories and emotions.

2) Lay what's trendy to one side

Rather be guided by how a perfume makes you feel. Choose one that helps you to feel incredibly joyful, centered, or any other way you wish to feel during your engagement and wedding day.

3) Find a deeper connection

Find out what is in the fragrance you love before settling on it. Just like flowers, the ingredients in perfumes carry history, symbolism and meaning. Maybe you want to include gardenia because your parents had them at their wedding or a hint of lily of the valley for it’s connection to luck, health and happiness.

4) Pick your fragrance as early in your engagement as you can

The use of fragrance can become an important ritual during your wedding planning. When you're feeling full of love, spritz your chosen fragrance and begin weaving the magic. This creates an incredibly meaningful and powerful connection that can be called upon throughout this time.

5) Choose a fragrance that is timeless so you will still love it in the years to come

Long after your wedding, wear your fragrance to romantic dinners, on anniversaries or on occasions when you want to remember, and let it carry you through space and time to the love, joy and excitement of your wedding celebration.

Go to www.designinscent/wedding to discover Design In Scent's brand new bridal collection.

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