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10 ways to guarantee happy wedding guests

10 ways to guarantee happy wedding guests

Written by Katie Byrne

Keep your nearest and dearest content all-day (and night!) long with these simple pointers...


#1 Make your ceremony venue is comfortable

If you're planning a balmy summer celebration, make sure your venue is well air-conditioned. Equally, if it's a cold winter's day, provide guests with blankets and hire additional heating.

Images: Intimate Weddings; Hannah Duffy Photography

#2 Consider what your guests will do while you’re having your photos taken

Make sure there's food, drink and entertainment to keep them amused while you're posing for your first pics as a married couple. There's nothing worse than hanging around - and make sure you're appropriately considerate in terms of the weather, too. If it's a hot summer's day, provide suncream and ice-pops for guests to enjoy; if it's a chilly winter celebration, stock-up on blankets, hand-warmers and warm bite-sized treats.

Images: Pinterest

#3 Make logistic details as simple as possible

On your invitations, make sure timings and addresses are as clear and precise as possible. Make all the pertinent information as obvious as you can!

#4 Make time to say hello to everyone

They've taken the time and effort to be a part of your special day - so the least you can do is acknowledge their presence! The day will go by in a whirlwind, so make sure you allocate a specific chunk of time to meet-and-greet people.

Image: White Stag Wedding Photography see the rest of Lynsey and Barry's wedding here.

#5 Be considerate when it comes to your children policy…

Make it clear from the off in order to avoid any last-minute childcare panics.

Image: Simon Gough; see the rest of Joseph and Joanne's wedding here.

#6 ...And the plus-one situation

If they're a single party, let them know whether or not they're allowed to bring a guest ASAP. 

#7 Be thoughtful with your seating plan

Be sensitive of any politics or awkwardness. Granted, you can't please everyone - but you can certainly try!

Image: Jacob and Pauline Photography; see the rest of Michelle and Joe's wedding here.

#8 Keep speeches to-the-points (and audible!)

In order to guarantee the smooth flow of your celebration, you might want to ask speech-givers to stick to a time-limit. If you have a large reception space, check with your venue in advance if there's any kind of AV-equipment (such as a microphone) that can be used.

Image: M&J Photography; see the rest of April and Sebastian's wedding here.


#9 Incorporate thoughtful details into your ceremony and reception

Think cosy blankets, comfortable seating, game areas, enticing snack tables... Be creative!

Images: Paper Antler and Sacha Miller

#10 Remember to say ‘thank you!’ afterwards

A thank you note is a thoughtful finishing touch post-wedding, that will let guests know you appreciated their time, effort and generosity.

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