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Would you WEAR flowers on your wedding day?

Written by Laura Atri, published 3rd july

Because if there's one day you can adorn yourself in beautiful blooms, it's your W-day!

You’ve seen the flower crown, but how about a floral belt? Or a garter? Or, failing that, how about a necklace made out of fresh blooms?

Of course, many brides and bridesmaids carry flowers, but here at WEDDING HQ we are completely onboard with the trend of wearing them.

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Whether you weave them into your hair, wear them on your wrist, rock them as jewellery or even on your shoes, these blooms are mini floral works of art! We love the wonderful idea shown here of attaching complementary flowers to a dress with a statement back – so romantic.

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Image: JoPhoto Flowers: LB Floral

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