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Finally: here’s how to nail winged eyeliner

Finally: here’s how to nail winged eyeliner

Written by Katie Byrne

This trick is so simple - and a total beauty game-changer...


If you’re planning to DIY your wedding make-up and want to nail the perfect cat-flick eyeliner beforehand - this trick is about to blow your mind. Seriously!



Winged eyeliner is arguably one of the most timeless, desirable beauty looks that women across the world unanimously adore for its elegant-yet-rockstar look. However, something so effortlessly cool is anything but effortless when it comes to the actual application.

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If, like us, you’ve spent many a moment trying, desperately, to get your eyeliner to do ‘that pointy thing’ but ended up looking more panda than Cleopatra, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Or worse still: the pain of managing to get one eye’s liner looking flawless and then trying - and desperately failing - to match it on the other side.

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That said, things are about to change, ladies. A brand new beauty trick is making waves on Instagram - and it’s so absurdly simple you won’t believe you’ve never thought of doing it before.



The answer to your eyeliner prayers? The humble bobby pin.

As make-up artist Malia demonstrates in her IG video below, all you need is to hold a large bobby pin to the corner of your eye and fill it in with liner. The result? An easy-to-replicate flick that will look pretty much flawless.

Good luck and good eye-liner, ladies!


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