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So what actually happens if someone objects at a wedding ceremony?

Written by Katie Byrne, published 12th jun 2017

That's the question one Reddit user posed this week...

 It's arguably one of the worst things that can happen on a couple's wedding day: the ceremony is in full-swing, the vows are about to be exchanged and then the officiant makes that spine-tingling statement: "If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace..."

And perhaps a guest will do a comedy throat-clear or deliver a well-timed sneeze and there'll be a few chortles. But other than that, 99 times out of 100, there will be a moment of silence before the ceremony continues.

The reason this bride uninvited her bridesmaids is heartbreaking

However: what happens if someone actually does object? That was the question posed on a Reddit thread this week, with user oneinazillion asking: "Redditors who have objected at weddings or seen someone object, what happened in the next 5 minutes?"

Read some of the answers below - and see the conversation in full here

"No one can believe that just happened"

This happened at one of my friend's sibling's weddings. Her parents are super conservative and hadn't gotten the chance to know the daughter's fiancé very well before they got married. In their minds all that was relevant about him was that he was 10 years older than her and had been previously divorced. They had made subtle and not-so-subtle comments here and there before the wedding that they weren't happy about it. It should have been a forewarning of what was to come. The day of the wedding, everything was beautiful. Friend's sister and her fiancé were ecstatic to be getting married and invited friends and family from both sides to their outdoor wedding. All was going well, until the preacher asks the audience if anyone has objections to why they should get married.... and as serious as can be, dad of the bride stands up and says "her mother and I object," and then after a long hesitation sits back down. Silence. No one can believe that that just happened. Not knowing exactly how to handle it, the preacher just says "ok" and finishes the ceremony as planned. I can't even imagine how the bride and groom must have felt. My friend says the tension in the room was unbelievable. But they got married all the same... they just do a lot of avoiding the ILs as one might imagine. reimaginingme

"...My brother raises his hand so very politely"

When my dad married his third wife. My step brother and I were in the wedding party. He was about 6, I was 10. The preacher asks if anyone objects and my brother raises his hand so very politely. My dad asks why, and my step brother replies, "because I want you to promise to take me fishing whenever I want, first". southernkisses

"The kids got up and presented a list of demands"

Some friends of mine got married - it was a second marriage for both of them, and they had kids: two of hers and three of his, all high-school age or older. The kids had all known each other for quite a while by that time and were good friends. The wedding was very informal and was held outdoors in a park. I think the officiant was an old friend, also. When it got to "...speak now or forever hold your peace," the kids all got up and presented a list of 'demands'. They wouldn't approve the marriage, they said, unless their demands were met. This was all a joke, of course. I'm sure the officiant was in on it, and so were some other members of the wedding party, but it came as a total surprise to the bride and groom, who took it with good humor. JimDixon

"It was a very awkward reception"

Had a cousin get married and her brother got on mic and said he didn't support their decision and no one else should because they had just barely met only a couple months prior. It was a very awkward reception. jacktheknife1180

"She threw her bouquet and stormed off"

When the pastor got to the part ‘...or forever hold your peace', the bride said: "Yes, I’d like to say something". Then she turned around to her guests and said, "I’d like to thank my Maid of Honour for sleeping with my fiancé last night". With that, she threw her bouquet and stormed off. The story even made it on the radio at the time. ptsdpillowguy

"The judge yelled 'over-ruled!'"  

Lot of laughs. My friend's older brother is a lawyer. He was marrying a lawyer. Most of their friends are lawyers. The officiant was a judge who was a friend of theirs.
He and his fiancee thought it would be funny to plant someone in the audience. They got a friend to yell "I Object" to which the judge yelled "over-ruled!". It seemed to have gone over well for most but I don't think some of their family members got it. suitology

"Now is not the time"

At my wedding the officiant said, "Anyone finds reason these two should not be wed, now is not the time. You've had years. But find me after the ceremony. I love gossip".w 45minutesofroadhead

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