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5 expert tips for getting your skin in top condition for your wedding

Written by Katie Byrne, published 10th april

The one accessory every bride needs on her big day? A gorgeous glow!

Antonia Wheatley, Aveda National Skin and Spa Educator, shares her top tips for keeping skin clear and hydrated.

One of the key times to treat your skin is while you're sleeping, as this is when the body goes into repair mode. Using a mask, such as Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight, can help to boost radiance.

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The best way to keep skin as clear as possible - particularly if it is acne-prone - is to adapt a less-is-more attitude by using fewer products, so that skin has a chance to heal on its own and pores remain as clear as possible. Similarly, the over-use of cleansers can cause skin to become drier and more sensitive.

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Problematic skin is often a reflection of diet. Try to cut down on meats and dairy products as these are hard to digest. Similarly, try to keep fully hydrated by drinking plenty of water, aiming for two litres a day to avoid dehydrated skin.

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Try to be consistent with your skin care regime when you have found one that works for you. Frequently changing products can upset the pH balance of the skin, causing an unnecessary increase in acne and dryness.

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Ensure products are being applied in the correct order, as this can make or break the results. When using more than one product, start with the most water-soluble product first, before working up to thicker and creamier formulations. If this is done in reverse, the heavier creams will block the ingredients of the lighter ones from penetrating the skin, so they won't have any impact.

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