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6 ways to add an extra-personal touch to your wedding cake

Written by Katie Byrne, published 2nd may 2017

Add an extra flair of ‘you’ to your reception by choosing unique decorative details to your cake

#1 Turn photos of you into edible rice-paper decorations - whether you opt for ribbon-style print-outs that can be wrapped around the sides or circular designs that can go on top.

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#2 Ask your cake-maker to ice a monogram of your initials on to the top tier, or around the sides of individual tiers.

#3 Swerve traditional fruit or vanilla sponge in favour of flavours you actually both like. If you both have different ideas, take creative control of a tier each - or opt for a half-and-half cake. Don’t forget to over-look childhood favours (for example, Prince William asked for a special ‘crushed biscuit’ cake for his 2011 wedding).

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#4 Use decorations that match your theme or colourscheme: from floral flourishes to laser-cut toppers. Alternatively, incorporate it into edible details, such as the icing or frosting.

#5 For a dessert that doubles up as a delicious favour, why not decorate cupcakes with individual rice-paper photo toppers of your guests?

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#6 Ask your parents if they still have the topper from their wedding cake and re-purpose it for your celebration - for a modern twist, consider spray painting it, decorating it with glitter, twisting ribbon around it and so on.

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