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6 unique ideas for decorating your marquee wedding venue

6 unique ideas for decorating your marquee wedding venue

Written by Katie Byrne

Here's how to decorate a beautiful marquee wedding venue in style


#1 Create an irresistible entrance

Whether it's a sophisticated flower-adorned entrance or a more relaxed, bohemian-inspired vibe - create a showstopping entrance with blooms, fairy lights, sign posts, photo displays... Get inspired!

Images (left and right): source and source

#2 Create zones within your space

Marquees have such high ceilings and so much space that they can require substantial decoration - make things simpler by creating different, defined areas within the venue to break up the space (for example, a photowall/photobooth area, a dancefloor area, a buffet area and so on).

Images (left-to-right): source, source, source.

#3 Up and down

Use a mixture of high-and-low tablecentres and decorations to make the most of your space, as real-life newlyweds Hattie and Olly did at their gorgeous Sussex celebration.

Image: Helen Abraham and Amy Sanders

#4 Alternatively, to play-down the size of the marquee...

Hang your decorations from lower angles, creating the illusion of a smaller, more intimate space - as well as allowing the sunlight to beam in through the uncluttered ceiling. 

Image: Tom Ravenshear; as spotted at Lucy and Jack's wedding.

#5 Make the most of those high ceilings!

Hang upturned parasols - filled with flowers - from the ceiling of your space to create a whimsical, fairytale look. Use battery-powered fairy lights for the evening part of your celebration to add a romantic glow to your celebration. 

Images: source and source.

#6 Create a beautiful dancefloor area

If it's a gorgeous summer evening (and if you have permission), you can even let the party spread out on to your surrounding grounds! 

Images (left-to-right): source and source.


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