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14 things your bridesmaids definitely want you to know

14 things your bridesmaids definitely want you to know

Written by Katie Byrne

#1 It means the world to me that you want to include me in your wedding.

Like, seriously: I'm so happy that you're marrying the love of your life and am honoured to be involved in the celebration.

#2 If I've never met the other bridesmaids before, it would be great if we could arrange a 'maid date sometime soon.

Whether it's Tequila shots or an old-school sleepover - something to break the ice would be just lovely.

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#3 I'm here for you 24/7...

Any problem, I'm always here to (try and) help.

#4 ...But please don't take that too literally.

By which I mean, you can cross me off the list for those 3am crisis calls about your table plan.

#5 I'd rather know ASAP if you want me to pay for my own dress, rather than waiting while you umm and ahh about how best to tell me.

I'm a big girl, I can take it. But if you let me know sooner rather than later, I can start budgeting for it, you see?

#6 Also, if you want me to pay for my own dress, allow me the option of choice.

Do I want to fork out for a frothy peach dress that yes, matches your colourscheme but also makes me look like I'm competing in a toddler beauty paegant? Um, no. No I do not.

#7 And also remember that my budget might be a little different from what you might have in mind.

There's a reason I keep gulping when you mention that £350 frock you spotted the other day...

#8 Please remember that I can't necessarily be as enthusiastic about everything as you are.

You managed to find the perfect bunting to match the exact shade of hessian you've bought for your tablerunners? Great! But that's literally all I have to say on the matter... (Hey - just saying!)

#9 I will always be honest with you.

If you try on a wedding dress that makes you look like a poodle, I will tell you, don't worry.

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#10 I'm secretly worried you might spring a surprise speech on me on the wedding morning.

Like, not properly worried. But sort of - in a 'oh! I thought I asked you - it's my dream for you to say a few words...' kind of way.

#11 I really hope you're going to enjoy your hen party.

The other bridesmaids and I have spent so long agonising over the details and planning something we think you'll love...

#12 ...But I've definitely had at least one dream where you were crying in the corner because you were disappointed by it.


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#13 I can't believe the big day is nearly here!

Seriously. It feels like only yesterday you first WhatsApp'd me that picture of your engagement!

#14 I'm excited to get ready with you on the wedding morning.

Can. Not. Wait. 


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