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Sort your wedding theme - this weekend!

Sort your wedding theme - this weekend!

Written by Katie Byrne

Overwhelmed by ideas? Unsure where to begin? Wedding planner Louise Hughes from One Stylish Day shares her tips...



Don't follow the herd: think individual

When it comes to planning your wedding day, there is currently a steer away from following ‘trends’ and a shift towards individuality. Couples want to create something unique for their guests, an experience that truly reflects who they are and is full of their personality. But, we are all influenced by fashion and the trends around us and there are definitely some key ‘themes’ emerging.

how to choose a wedding theme

Minimalism and greenery are steadfast favourites this season and work beautifully together. A white on white colour palette sitting alongside an abundance of wild, bold, unstructured greenery and foliage. It’s fresh, beautiful and modern.

how to choose a wedding theme

Urban and industrial spaces have really increased in popularity. The mix of concrete floors, worn walls and steel beams contrasting with soft, trailing floral installations and an abundance of candlelight creates a breathtaking look.

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Consider the factors that will affect your day

The main thing that will affect your ‘theme’ is you! I always advise couples to avoid what has been categorised as ‘wedding inspiration’ and to take time to look around their home, in their wardrobe and think about what brings them the most joy. This should be at the very core of how your wedding day looks and feels.

how to choose a wedding theme

The venue also plays a huge role. The colour palette and styling must compliment the space, it should add to the beauty of the backdrop rather than fight for attention. If you have chosen a blank canvas such as a marquee or warehouse, this is an ideal backdrop for a more adventurous wedding concept and a bold colour palette.

how to choose a wedding theme

However, if your venue is already full of detail and design, such as a manor house, adding more interest to this will be overkill and I would suggest paring it back and working with a colour scheme that reflects the space.

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Be conscious of online dreams vs. real-life realities

Social media is an amazing and abundant source of inspiration and guidance when planning a wedding. There is so much beautiful imagery at your finger tips and you can connect with suppliers in an instant, but, you really do have to approach with caution!

how to choose a wedding theme

We all know, deep down, that what we see in that imagery is a polished perception of real life and what you don’t see is the behind the scenes shot of what had to be done to make it a reality.

how to choose a wedding theme

Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, but don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed or deflated. Have a regular cull; go back through your Pinterest boards and remove images if you don’t remember why you pinned them or you can’t specifically identify what it is you love about them. You will be left with a selection of images that you can take real action from.

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Remember that less can be more

The concept of your wedding should be subtle and running through every aspect of your day within the finishing touches and the detail. If you stick rigidly to one design idea and select the venue, colour palette, decor and food based on this, the final result will be overwhelming for guests with too much to take in and no chance to appreciate it.

how to choose a theme for your wedding

Select one aspect as the anchor and use this as your focal point, allowing all other elements to be complimentary but subtle additions. Less can be so much more!

Find out more about One Stylish Day here.

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