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8 thoughtful and creative things to do with your wedding dress

8 thoughtful and creative things to do with your wedding dress

Written by Katie Byrne

Both before and after your big day!


#1 Sew your wedding date into it

This is a gorgeous way to make your dress truly yours.

#2 Use excess material to create your wedding lingerie

If your wedding dress needs alterations, this is a gorgeous way to incorporate the excess material into your big-day look. Ask your bridal boutique or dressmaker if they can advise. It doesn't have to be for your wedding day; why not consider it as a sexy surprise for your first wedding anniversary?

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#3 Twist a strip of excess around the stems of your wedding bouquet


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#4 Sew in a reminder of your partner

A love note, a photo, a strip of material that matches his wedding suit, your initials embroidered together... The possibilities are endless! Whichever option you pick, make sure you place it somewhere that won't rub or irritate your skin. 

#5 After the wedding day... dye it and turn it into your favourite new occasionwear item

Admittedly, this doesn't suit every style of wedding dress. A close-fitting silky number, yes; a pouffy fairytale-esque design, not so much. Don't dye it yourself unless you're feeling very confident - there are professionals out there who can help you transform your dress without running the risk of ruin!

#6 Have it turned into a christening gown

A glorious way to kick-start your very own family tradition - talk to a seamstress or a sewing-savvy relative or friend.

#7 Donate it to a charity

Your favourite local charity shop will be able to sell your bridal gown on for a significant figure - if you can't decide which charity you'd like to give it to, take a look at the work Gift Of A Wedding are doing.

#8 Donate it to Cherished Gowns

The charity turns donated wedding dresses into outfits that babies who are stillborn or die shortly after birth can be dressed in for their funeral. Find out how you can help the wonderful cause by clicking here

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