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OFFER! Free wedding gift list upgrade with Prezola

Written by Katie Byrne, published 25th jan 2017

So - should you have a wedding gift list?

The question is one that many engaged couples ask themselves these days, with those who already live together pondering if they need to bother. Oh, you do, people - you do. And here's why. 

Scroll down for your free upgrade!

Gone are the days of asking your nearest and dearest to gift you the staples for your first abode together as newlyweds; rather, it's all about fun. From the little extravagances for your home that you wouldn't be able to justify buying yourself to other, more alternative ideas, you can use your wedding gift list to ask guests to make contributions towards your honeymoon, treat you to couple experiences (Zorbing For Two, anyone?) or even make a donation to your favourite charity. The possibilities are far literally endless - and very, very exciting.

We've partnered with Prezola, the UK's #1 wedding gift list provider, to make you a very special offer: register for your free account before February 19th and receive a free upgrade to their Premier service, worth £39.

The Premier service includes the choice of over 30,000 gifts from 300 well-known brands along with Premium delivery and gift list cards to give to your guests. With this offer, you can upgrade again afterwards to Premier Plus for only £20 where you can add a flexible commission-free honeymoon fund, discreet cash gifts for any purpose and custom gifts, meaning you can have your pick of any item, from any retailer.

Prezola offers thousands of products from over 300 brands - and is there anything better than free shopping? We think not! Although in case you need any extra persuasion, here are the other unique perks Prezola offers users...

wedding gift list offer


For your FREE upgrade...

Simply use the code UPGRADEME17 when setting up your gift list account. Offer ends 19 February 2017, so be sure to register before then - it really is that simple. 

Start your gift list (and don't forget to use that discount code!) here.

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