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5 jaw-dropping ideas for that wedding donut wall you've been considering

5 jaw-dropping ideas for that wedding donut wall you've been considering

Written by Katie Byrne

Not so much something you want as something you need...


Donut walls have been around for a while now, and are consistently topping lists of foodie fantasies and catering trend ideas for weddings (don't believe us? Take a look here!). So, if you're a big fan of those sweet little O's, why not create your very own wall of donuts for your big day?

Toying with the idea and not 100% convinced just yet?

We hear ya - so here are five ways donut walls can actually add something useful (as well as delicious) to your wedding reception. Just because they're small and sugary, doesn't mean they can't multi-task...


#1 Use donuts to double-up as your table plan... AND your favours 

How fabulous is this idea, shared by Event Designer Barbara Long? Donuts displayed on a welcoming board at your reception can be grouped together and partnered with name tags in order to a) show your guests where they're sitting and b) give them something delectable to munch on while they wait for their first course to be served.

donut wall at weddingImage: Instagram/grandsoirees_barbs

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#2 Use donuts to trim down the cost of your wedding breakfast

Instead of providing guests with a dessert course at your wedding reception and a wedding cake/assortment of sweet treats at the after-party, bring everything together for the ultimate dessert table, unveiled straight after the main course has been taken away. This has potential to be a no-fuss way of cutting down the cost of your wedding breakfast, although of course, check with your venue before you order in the 200 Krispy Kremes... 

donut wall at weddingImage source.

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#3 Use donuts to adorn a bare bit of wall

If you've booked a beautifully minimal venue, you might want to incorporate a wall of the sweet treats to add some extra character or colour. It's not so much that you want the donuts - rather, you're making a sophisticated styling decision. Yes. 

donut wall at weddingImage:

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#4 Use donuts as part of a striking light display

This is a fabulous idea from a real wedding we spied (link below) - it will look incredible at a rustic or super-cool warehouse-style celebration. (Make sure the lights aren't too hot though - would be a shame if your wall of treats turned into a melting mess.)

donut wall at weddingImage:

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#5 Use your donut wall in place of a photo back-drop

Spoiler alert: this will require a lot of will-power, and you might also want to enlist one of your bridal party to step up and act as a kind of donut security guard for a while, just to make sure enough photos are taken before the eating begins. It might be handy to mark an 'x' on the floor so guests know where to stand to guarantee back-combed hair/shoulder pads/etc don't come into contact with the sweet treats.

donut wall at wedding

Image: Instagram/LLG Events 

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