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12 real brides reveal what they did with their wedding dresses...

Written by Katie Byrne, published 28th march

...AFTER the big day. There are some sweet ideas here, ladies!

"I donated it to a company that makes them into tiny outfits for premature babies that have passed away."

"I got a simple cheap gorgeous dress that I able to combine well in my sense of style. Every time I wear it out, I feel good and my husband gets all cute and stuttery!"

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"My wedding dress was my maternity photo outfit. I got married at 8 months so the belly [on it] is loose. PJs much. Lol. 100% cotton."

"Sometimes I wear mine while sitting at home watching Netflix and eating mac and cheese."

"Had the bottom cropped off to make it a knee-length dress for my daughter."

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"I will sell mine. It's so poofy. Takes up a lot of space. I'll use the money to buy furniture for our new house."

"It's in my closet. My best friends and I play dress-up with it. 30+ and still playing dress-up like kids... Only now we have wine."

"My idiot husband sold it a yard sale while I was at work. For FIVE DOLLARS!"

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"I got it cleaned and preserved... It's now boxed up in my spare room."

"Got a huge frame; framed it in my closet."

"My dress is in a bag hanging in my grandma's cedar closet. It was her wedding dress and also my mom's wedding dress, so I would like to hopefully have a daughter to pass it down to."

"I signed it over to a consignment that rents it out and I get 50% of the fee. Afterwards, I'm doing a trash-the-dress photoshoot in Zion Canyon."

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