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6 hacks for getting the most from your wedding gift list

6 hacks for getting the most from your wedding gift list

Written by Katie Byrne - WEDDING PROMOTION

About to pick your wedding presents? Exciting! The team at award-winning gift list service Prezola share their tips for getting the most from it...


Everybody will tell you that your wedding is going to be the best day of your life. But the only problem is, you only get one – so how do you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) occasion? With gift lists, there’s a few hacks to know so you maximise what you get.

#1 Upgrade your possessions

Most couples live together before getting married so the odds are that you already have everything you need. That said, you’ve probably also got loads of budget-friendly home décor that was bought either in your student days or with a career-starter pay cheque. Upgrade your possessions with a gift list and start your newlywed life in style!

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#2 Sort some date activities

Plan ahead of time and make your very first year of marriage awesome. You might want to add some activities onto your gift list so there’s something to look forward to after the wedding. Add a romantic hot air balloon ride or romantic dinner for two in London – you can even go for theatre tickets, a glamping getaway for two or just some seed money to go on a mini break together.

#3 Reinvent your style

When couples live together before getting married, more often than not it can be a case of two individual styles mashed together under one roof. Use your gift list as an opportunity to create a whole new style of décor that suits you as a couple. Always wanted to try Industrial? Go for it! Or maybe Country Classic is more your style, whatever the case – you can start again from scratch with your wedding gift list.

#4 Add vouchers

There’s a lot of stress in planning a wedding and sometimes your head can be too busy elsewhere to think about creating the perfect gift list. Save the job until after the wedding by adding vouchers to your gift list and using them to add gifts later. Plus it’ll give you something to look forward to doing together after the wedding.

#5 Have the honeymoon of a lifetime

You’ve probably noticed that weddings cost A LOT. Take the honeymoon off your mind by getting guests to either contribute cash towards the perfect getaway or by paying for specific activities like scuba diving or a romantic dinner for two. Don’t be shy about asking, guests will love to help make your honeymoon truly unforgettable!

#6 Get a head start on a house deposit

Or anything else you’re saving up for! As above, you’re probably in no position to save up for something that you really want like a new car, house or renovation fund.

wedding gift list hacks

Your savings account might be feeling blue but you can use your gift list to create cash contributions so wedding guests can fund your new life together.

Visit to find out more and start putting your wedding gift list together!

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