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2017 horoscope: Pisces brides

2017 horoscope: Pisces brides

Written by Katie Byrne

Birthday fall between February 20 and March 20? You're a Pisces bride-to-be! World-famous astrologer Russell Grant shares his predictions for your year ahead...


Spirituality will continue to be an important issue for you and you will devote as much time as possible to activities that help you transcend mundane reality. Exercising your artistic talent, donating time to a good cause and worshipping your higher power will be welcome distractions from money and status.

You continue to mix with influential individuals who can advance your personal and professional interests. Don’t hesitate to accept help from your nearest and dearest. Those who love and care for you the most want to see you being successful and happy so they will do all they can to make sure you attain your aims and ambitions.


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Your social connections will be instrumental to your success. Resist the temptation to cling stubbornly to your independence. When you reach new levels of success, you’ll be able to assist those who need a helping hand.

Keep the good karma flowing. Joining a volunteer organisation will help you make a positive difference. Collective power is more effective than individual effort in 2017.

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