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2017 horoscope: Scorpio brides

2017 horoscope: Scorpio brides

Written by Katie Byrne

Birthday fall between October 24 and November 22? You're a Scorpio bride-to-be! World-famous astrologer Russell Grant shares his predictions for your year ahead...


A difficult family situation will come to an end in early August, thanks to a Lunar Eclipse. You might be able to find care for an elderly relative who can no longer live independently.

If you have a loved one that needs rehabilitation services, they could undergo a program that’s very helpful. It’s important to be honest and direct when it comes to these situations. Beating around the bush will only cause misunderstanding and resentment. Don’t hesitate to confront someone who is struggling with an addiction problem.


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If they don’t change their ways, you’ll have to put this relationship on hold. You don’t want to contribute to a serious problem. Instead of trying to rescue a person who is intent on hurting themselves, you should pour your energy into expressing your feelings.

Creative pursuits like writing, painting and playing music can be therapeutic throughout 2017. If you keep a diary, store it in a secure location, away from prying eyes. Protecting your privacy is critical to the health of your relationships. 

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