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2017 horoscope: Virgo brides

2017 horoscope: Virgo brides

Written by Katie Byrne

Birthday fall between August 24 and September 23? You're a Virgo bride-to-be! World-famous astrologer Russell Grant shares his predictions for your year ahead...


Family obligations will play a big part in your life this year. You may take time off work to care for an elderly relative or small child. It’s possible you’ll have to find a better living situation for someone who can no longer be independent. Be good to yourself during this time. You’re a kind, caring person who can be trusted to find the best arrangement for everyone involved.

If you’re living beyond your means, you might decide to downsize your lifestyle. Moving to a smaller or less expensive abode will relieve some financial strain. Don’t let pride get in the way of making the decision that is best for you.


15 health and well-being trends every 2017 bride should know about

Getting rid of clutter will become an increasing priority. Make three piles: Sell, donate and discard. By streamlining your possessions, you’ll attract fresh energy. Opportunities to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle will arrive.

Let go of things that no longer serve you. Clearing out your closet will be especially cathartic. Give family heirlooms with painful associations to a relative who will appreciate them. 


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