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2017 horoscope: Taurus brides

2017 horoscope: Taurus brides

Written by Katie Byrne

Birthday fall between April 21 and May 21? You're a Taurus bride-to-be! World-famous astrologer Russell Grant shares his predictions for your year ahead...


A difficult family matter will be resolved in early February, thanks to a cleansing Lunar Eclipse. Breaking off a toxic relationship, ending an old grudge or tying up an estate will bring an end to a phase of care and concern.

A Solar Eclipse in late August could allow you to move to a beautiful home. You can find a wonderful place that affords easy access to restaurants, shops and cultural pursuits. If you’re happy with your current abode, take this opportunity to do some improvements or add a bathroom or bedroom.


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Your belief system could undergo a significant change in 2017. You could switch political parties, take up a religious practice or adopt a totally different philosophy. Expanding your horizons can be wonderfully fulfilling.

You might even decide to go on a spiritual pilgrimage this year. Visiting an ancient city can make you feel more connected to your ancestors or other people who share your values. This will be a welcome change from feelings of isolation that can occur in the modern world.

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