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7 wedding flower trends every 2017 bride needs to know about

7 wedding flower trends every 2017 bride needs to know about

Written by Katie Byrne

Get these floral ideas on your radar, ladies! Laura Atri, Editor of Wedding Flowers & Accessories, shares her predictions...


Okay, brides-to-be, let's discuss the elephant in the room. Flowers are expensive, I know. And with the uncertainty of Brexit looming over us, our florists are facing price hikes for their blooms weekly. While many are shouldering this burden, be aware that some may need to pass the increase in prices on to you. So they're not trying to rip you off or trying to make a fast buck, they're just trying to make an honest, decent living.

Images (l-r): Rebecca Yale Photography and Veronica Varos Photography

Now that's out the way, lets move on to the fun stuff! Much to my relief, the desire for jam jars appears to be waning. I know that it's a cheap way to display your blooms, but come on, leave Pinterest circa 2015 behind and try something new...

Glamour is back in a BIG way, so check out sparkling or glass vases, over the top vessels, terrariums and my personal favourite, glass cloches. I personally think it's no coincidence that in the same year that the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast is being released, glass cloches are suddenly everywhere. This is the modern day fairytale people!

Image: Sanshine Photography


The flower wall is over. There, I said it. However, the floral chandelier (and hanging florals in general) are going to get even bigger for this upcoming year.

Image: Elevate Photography


Ask your florist to incorporate plenty of foliage and greenery to really make an impact and just watch your guests' faces light up. Classy, cool and suitable for any theme from rustic to vintage, drawing the eye up will create a sense of a floral enchanted garden.

If you really fancy splashing the cash, may I suggest the fabulous flower table runner? The epitome of luxury for your big day, it is such a show-stopper and I'm certain we will see more and more of them next year.

Image: Marion Heurteboust

You've probably noticed succulents are everywhere – but don't limit yourself to using them in just your tablecentres, they look amazing in bouquets! In the latest issue of Wedding Flowers & Accessories (March/April 2017, on-sale 8 December), we have a feature all about our prediction for the hottest bloom for 2017 – the hydrangea – this blousey flower is so whimsical and romantic, we just love it here at Wedding HQ!

Images, left to right: Jill Andrews Photography, Sylvie Gil, Keepsake Memories Photography

We've also noticed an increase in blue blooms – no doubt helped by the fact that blue was Pantone's colour of the year for 2016, but I think we will be seeing a lot more of it, especially for fresh spring and summer nuptials.

I hope this proves helpful to all of you on your wedding-planning journey!

Download the latest issue of Wedding Flowers & Accessories here. Top image (l-r): Melissa Musgrove, Marion Heurteboust, Rebecca Yale Photography.

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