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How to choose your wedding day outfit colour | A MOTB guide

How to choose your wedding day outfit colour | A MOTB guide

Written by Katie Byrne

Choosing a colour to wear on your daughter's big day can be taxing at times, luckily Snooty Frox has some tips that will help it be much less so…






Some brides swear by the rule that all bridal party dresses must co-ordinate whilst others really love their guests to be different. However, there are countless choices! 


Tradition has it that Mother of the Bride chooses her outfit before Mother of the Groom, however, that may seem a bit old fashioned so we here at Snooty Frox suggest you at least have a conversation. Get a sense of what each other is wearing before you select the colour and style of your outfit for the big day...



#1 Black and white

The idea of no black at a wedding is now slightly outdated. Many years ago black was a sign of disapproval, but that's all changed. Teamed with another colour black is elegant, chic and slimming so if the bride approves and you feel comfortable in it then go for it! With white it very much depends on the bride, but don’t try to steal the limelight. An all white look should be avoided but co-ordinated with another colour it can look stunning.  Perhaps try black and white together, it's a popular choice that never dates. Très chic!



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#2 Monochromatic dressing

Did you know that wearing one colour head to toe is a great way to elongate your figure and create a look that is both formal and stylish? You could even co-ordinate with the bridesmaids (it makes a nice touch for the photographs). 



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#3 Play with patterns 

Patterned dresses are a brilliant way of combining a hint of the colour theme but at the same time keeping your individuality. A plain top with a full patterned skirt is really in vogue, try it!



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#4 Neutrals vs. soft hues  

Ooze sophistication with subtle or neutral colours. Go subtle for the big day with a soft duck egg blue, pink or silver. If neutral hues are your thing opt for taupe or pale gold as they complement so many other colours. 



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#5 Keep it seasonal

Most MOTB outfits are non-seasonal; a soft gold dress will look equally gorgeous in spring as it does in autumn. However, pearly pinks and baby blues are traditionally known as spring shades, with rich magenta hues perfect for autumn. Whatever the season, in the end choose whatever suits you best, bearing in mind your skin tone and personal preference.  




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#6 Opt for a contrast

Stand out from the crowd in a contrasting shade to the bridesmaids. A bright colour can instantly lift both your complexion and, on a less than perfect weather day, the pictures! Colour choice is often linked to personality so be true to yourself when shopping.  If you love strength of colour then bring some into your outfit – if not in the dress then perhaps in the headpiece, bag or shoes. 




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Snooty Frox offer complimentary personal shopping appointments, for more information click here


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