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15 sartorial style hacks every groom-to-be needs to know

15 sartorial style hacks every groom-to-be needs to know

Written by Katie Byrne

Tips, tricks and pointers to make your wedding day style a breeze...


When you try on a shirt...

Be sure to sit down in it - this will expose whether or not the shirt is too tight. Same goes for trousers, too.

If you don't have time to iron said shirt...

Throw it in a tumble dryer with an ice cube for 10 minutes. See ya, wrinkles! 

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Not sure if that suit jacket fits you or not?

Clench your first and place it in the gap between the jacket lining and your stomach - if your first fits snuggly, it's the perfect fit. If it's a squeeze, it's too tight; if there's an excess of space, it's too loose.

Picked the jacket and now umm-ing and ahh-ing over the perfect tie to go with it?

Those in the know say the width of your suit jacket lapels should match the width of your tie for a super-groomed finishing touch. 

There's a very simple for preventing your tie from flapping in the wind...

Pop a heavy coin - we're looking at you, £1 - into the inside hem of the tie (the bit at the back) to keep it weighed down and in-place. 

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Upgrade a favourite accessory by giving it a 'something new' twist

For example: pop new laces into your favourite brogues or brush up an old blazer with a smart new pocket square.

Remember the 'sometimes, always, never' rule when it comes to the buttons of your suit jacket or tux

That is to say: the top button should sometimes (ie depending on your preference) by buttoned; the middle button should always be done up; the bottom button should never be buttoned. If you've picked a two-button tux, the rule changes to 'always; never'. Basically - never do up the bottom button - it's purely for decoration and will mess up the fit of your jacket. 

On that subject: don't be afraid to add a pop of colour

A smart navy or charcoal suit will get an instant style upgrade if you add a pop of your wedding colour(s) - we're talking a bright pocket square or tie, a vibrant buttonhole or a flash of colourful socks.

Shoes a little - er - fragrant?

Put them in a cool bag and pop them in your freezer over night to help banish unwanted odours.

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Remember that your socks will be visible

Now's not the time to wear that Playboy-patterned pair your mum bought you as a joke gift a few Christmases ago.

Give leather shoes a last-minute clean with...

Olive oil! Use sparingly and apply with a cloth; buff for added shine.

No idea how to tie a tie?

This video will help you - promise.

Stuck zipper? Don't panic!

Rub it with the point of a graphite pencil or a cotton bud/Q-Tip dipped in olive oil or Vaseline, which will help lubricate the zip and - fingers crossed - help it undo.

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Spritz after-shave on your shoulders.

Yes, it sounds weird but think about it: you'll be having a lot of people congratulating you and hugging you. Trust us, it works! 

Have a man-icure the day before

No, we're not suggesting you try out one of this summer's hot new nail trends - rather, just make sure your nails and clipped and clean. And there's no harm in using a little hand cream, either...

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