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9 tips for sun-proofing your wedding make-up

9 tips for sun-proofing your wedding make-up

Written by Katie Byrne

Getting married in the heat - and want to keep your make-up in place all day long? Here's how...


#1 Get your skin in tip-top condition

Gently exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and any lingering residue (see ya later, yesterday's SPF); then use your normal serum and eye cream. Use a moisturiser on your face and neck that will help keep your skin hydrated - this is essential for avoiding that annoying 'cracked' texture make-up can acquire when your skin dries out.

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#2 Avoid going crazy with your products

Hot skin can result in products such as bronzer, concealer and highlighter caking - resulting in a look that looks clumsily applied rather than subtle and gorgeous. Less is definitely more!

#3 Invest in a good-quality primer

Primer basically transforms your skin (in theory, at least) into a smooth, blank canvas for your make-up application. Look for an oil-free formula to help keep shine to a minimum, and if you're planning on wearing eyeshadow, use an eye primer, too.

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#4 Look for cream products rather than powders

Whilst sweat can make powder products (think eyeshadows and bronzer/blusher) clump, cream is easier to lock into place and control. Again, think minimal: make your brush or sponge do the work!

#5 Waterproof mascara is your friend

Even if you're not planning on crying, waterproof mascara is an essential. Trust us on this one, ladies!

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#6 Avoid intense lippies

Unless a statement lip is your thing, try to steer clear of lipsticks or glosses that will require a lot of maintenance throughout the day. Opt for a high-moisture balm instead!


#7 Blotting paper = your NBF

These are essential for eradicating any oily patches (we see you, T-zone) - pop a few in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day.

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#8 Once you're finished, set the look

Whether you're using a translucent powder or a setting spray, lock things in place with a light application.

#9 Avoid touching your face with your fingers on the big day

This will reduce the likelihood of product shifting, or skin getting aggrevated in the heat. Though it's harder than you might think...!

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