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8 hen party souvenir ideas for the bride

8 hen party souvenir ideas for the bride

Written by Katie Byrne

From the sweet to the funny, these are the sweetest gift ideas to give the bride as as post-hen souvenir


#1 Create a piece of artwork for the bride

Buy a simple print that the hens can sign - be as subtle as you can when getting people to add their messages, to keep it a surprise from the bride! 

Available to buy here.

#2 Present the bride with a book of letters

Ask everyone who's attending the hen to write a note or letter for the bride that can be presented to her at the end of the hen. Sweet and sentimental!

Image source.


#3 Recipe book

In a similar vein: ask the hens to email you a copy of their favourite recipe(s) in advance, print them out and compile a Recipe For Married Life scrapbook. Really cute, and perfect for foodie couples.

#4 Invest in a hen party scrapbook

Filled with questions for you and the other hens to answer, this sweet book will make the perfect bachelorette party memento.

Available to buy here

#5 Customised underwear

Ha! This fun idea is perfect for adding a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour to proceedings - you might also want to splash out on a similarly customised pair she can wear once she's married, too. 

Available to buy here

#6 Message in on a bottle

Ask the hens to sign a bottle of champagne, which the bride and her partner can open on their wedding night, or perhaps on their first anniversary!

Image source; image source.

#7 Make bucket lists

Ask the hens to give you suggestions for each of the following: 

- Things to do before we get married

- Things to do in our first year of marriage

- Places to visit

- Date night ideas

And any others you can think of!

#8 Fill a personalised tote with goodies for the bride

Think pre-wedding pampering goodies, must-haves for the honeymoon, a few of her favourite things... Get creative! Alternatively, fill it with essentials for the hen party and present it to her at the beginning of the party. 

Available to buy here.


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