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9 concealer tricks every beauty-buff needs to know

9 concealer tricks every beauty-buff needs to know

Written by Katie Byrne

These tips and hacks will make your make-up application a whole lot more savvy...


#1 First of all, pick the right concealer. The ideal product will be in a shade two tones lighter than your foundation, and will blend into your skin rather than cake.

#2 If you want to wear foundation as well as concealer, put your foundation on first and then apply concealer afterwards; this will minimse the amount of concealer you need to use, as well as guaranteeing you don't blend pre-applied concealer away.

#3 Instead of applying concealer by wiping it with a sponge or brush, tap it in place. Apply the product to your skin and pat it until it's blended; this will create a stronger coverage.

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#4 Normally apply your concealer in a banana-esque shape under your eyes? Stop right there - instead, start applying it in a triangle shape, with the bottom point extending down to the centre of your cheek.



#5 If you normally use a brush, use a cotton bud to apply concealer to blemishes.

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#6 If you have a specific 'issue' you want to deal with, look at colour-correcting make-up rather than ordinary concealer..

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- Green balances out any redness

- Yellow cancels out purple tones

- Purple neutralizes dull yellow undertones

- Pink brightens dullness

- Orange helps to eliminate dark circles

- Blue helps to minimise hyper-pigmentation

#7 If you haven't tried contouring yet, it's time: use your favourite concealer (as a highlighter) in tandem with your go-to bronzer for cheekbones that pop.

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#8 If you've run out of foundation, simply blend your face cream with your concealer on the back of your hand an apply.

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#9 Savvy concealer useage can help make the most of your features; use it to outline lipstick (giving you a perfect Cupid's bow), use it to correct eyeliner mistakes or blend it with your favourite highlighter and a dot of eyecream to reduce puffiness around your eyes. Also, if you fill in your eyebrows, a blended-out concealer outline afterwards is great for making the look more polished - genius, we know.

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