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Chester Barrie's SS17 menswear collection

Chester Barrie's SS17 menswear collection

Written by Sarah Tippett

Husband-to-be finding it hard to lock down his groom attire? He'll LOVE Chester Barrie's latest offerings...




With London Collections Men in full sartorial swing, we couldn't help but lust after (for our man) the super-dapper new #SS17 menswear collection from Chester Barrie. If your groom-to-be is struggling style-wise send him their way…



Designed 'to make sure men look great when it matters most', the new #SS17 collection from Chester Barrie will instantly have your guy decked out in STYLE for the big day. 



Get ready to embrace fabulous lightweight summer cloths (including wool, silk and linen blends) - just perfect if you've got a summer wedding planned, as well as an array of fabulously formal options (including their hero piece: a classic British double breasted blazer). 



P.s The Savile Row brand also offers a selection of suit separates which your man can mix and match from. 



For more information on Chester Barrie click here









chester barrie's ss17 menswear collection

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