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7 things to never do when you're on a hen party

7 things to never do when you're on a hen party

Written by Katie Byrne

Heading off on a hen party soon? Whether you're the bride-to-be or one of her hens - here's what NOT to do...


#1 Don't forget any essentials

You don't want to wake up the morning after the night before, unable to freshen up as you forgot your toothbrush. And make-up remover. And you can't even SOS-text another hen, as you forgot your phone charger, too. *face palm*

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#2 Don't be the #GrumpyHen

The night out? Great! The three-hour tour of a French fashion museum beforehand? Not so much. If there's a part of the hen you don't want to participate in, be upfront and make it clear, rather than grouchily sloping away from the group halfway-through.


#3 Don't forget to eat

And no - nibbling on the lemon in your first G&T of the night doesn't count. Line your stomach before going out in order to give yourself a fighting chance against the inevitable hangover; and on that subject, don't forget to pop some paracetamol and have a hearty glug of water before bed, too.

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#4 Don't think your friendship with the bride...

...Will be validated by the amount you drink. Downing more shots of vodka than anyone else doesn't mean you're the bride's best friend, no matter how logical a thought that may seem after six JagerBombs.


#5 Avoid being that person who says any of the below...

- "Why aren't you drinking, loser? You're so boring!" 

- "The first person to take their feather boa off has to buy us all a drink. Twice."

- "Hey - where did your willy straw go? You didn't throw it away, did you?"

- "Don't get me wrong: I really like [groom's name] but..."

- "I really hate the concept of marriage and actually feel desperately sorry for [bride and groom]. What a pair of sheep."

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#6 Don't take any activities too seriously

Chances are the Maid of Honour might have organised a game or two - perhaps a Scavenger Hunt or a game of 'I spy'. Whilst your usual must-win attitude is admirable, there's a time and a place - so pushing, nay, shoving, other hens out of the way in order to be the one who gets the stripper's novelty police helmet might not be the best course of action.

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#7 Don't share everything on Facebook

Or Instagram! No matter what filter you use, some memories are best left unspoken... 



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