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6 ways to stop your wedding shoes from hurting

6 ways to stop your wedding shoes from hurting

Written by Katie Byrne

Pinching, blistering, rubbing... Not great. Keep your feet comfy on your big day with these pointers...


Before your wedding day...

#1 Buy the right size

It sounds basic but make sure you buy your shoes in the right size! A shoe that is too big (or too small). It's surprisingly common to have feet that are slightly different sizes; if that applies to you, buy your shoes in the size that matches the biggest of the two.

Image: Blue Sky Photography


#2 'Stretch' your shoes at home

This is a simple trick to try before your wedding day: put on a pair of thick socks, before donning your shoes. Then, blast your shoes with a hair dryer in order to soften the leather. This should help reduce tightness and that uncomfortable 'starchy' feeling new shoes can have.

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#3 Make sure your toe nails are trimmed

Short, neatly-cut nails will be less likely to cut your feet - especially if you're wearing pointy-toed shoes. 

On the wedding day...

#1 Sit down regularly

Sounds basic but it's true! Not only will this take the pressure off your feet but it will 

Image: Binky Nixon Photography

#2 Rub Vaseline into any painful bits

Inside the shoe, obviously. An old wives tale suggests that rubbing soft wax into the inside of your shoe - targeting the bits that rub or pinch - can help make the fit more comfortable. If you don't have a soft candle to hand, Vaseline makes a great substitute. (Perhaps try it in advance in order to make sure it works for you.)

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#3 Make sure you have inserts and plasters to hand

Gel inserts and padded plasters are god-sends if you can feel a blister or cut developing. Ask one of your bridesmaids to keep a stash to hand in her bag! 

And if you're not convinced...

Make sure you have some super-comfy flats with you, in case of an emergency. Click here for some sweet ideas for customising your shoes! 

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Main image: Ferri Photography; Emma Boileau; Julia & You

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