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10 thoughts every couple has when creating their wedding gift list

10 thoughts every couple has when creating their wedding gift list

Written by Katie Byrne

The experts at gift list service Prezola share the thought process most couples go through when it comes to their gift list...



#1 Uh oh. There’s more things on my gift list than guests at the wedding. People can just double their gifts… Right?

Don't worry, adding more gifts than guests gives them plenty of choice and Prezola gives a 10% discount on gifts you buy for yourself, just in case there’s a few items left over on your list or you need an extra dinner setting to finish the collection.

#2 Bride: Shall we get the silver or copper dinnerware set? 

Groom: Get silver to match the kitchen.

Bride: I’m going for the copper. I feel like we’d want copper once we’re married.

If you’re stuck for choice, Prezola has plenty of inspiration lists to help style your home for the future or check out their mood boards on Pinterest.

#3 Come on Dad, you can do better than a tea towel and serving spoon…

Don’t be afraid to put higher-priced items on your gift list. Family and friends are happy to buy a gift together so you have everything you want for the perfect home.

#4 I can’t choose! I’ll just add everything I like and will cut it down later. Probably. Maybe. 

Leave plenty of time to create your gift list (we suggest 3 - 4 months) so there’s time to add everything you’d like and include the gift list in your wedding invites. Guests need time to buy the gifts too!

#5 OK, Lucy can get us this cake stand, I don’t want her to feel she has to spend loads. Nobody else touch it! 

Add a mix of affordable items to your gift list as well as luxury items. Friends and family won’t feel obligated to spend a lot and can happily to contribute to your day.

#6 Laura Ashley or The White Company for bedding? Both it is. 

With high street brands like Habitat, boutique brands like Cox & Cox and luxury brands like LSA International, Prezola have got it all covered. There's plenty more choice than with a traditional department store list.

#7 Oh my gosh, they have the latest Wedgwood Vera Wang collection. Shall I? Whoops, there it goes on the list - how’d that happen? 

Dinnerware items are the most popular items added to gift lists. We have plenty to choose from with everyday dinnerware and luxury dinnerware to meet special occasions.

#8 Mum, I’m not registering at that store when Prezola has 300 stores to choose from. Do the maths!

Not to mention over 30,000 items. You’re not tied to any third party companies when it comes to honeymoons or cash funds either, unlike some department store gift lists.

#9 Is it greedy to want cash? That’s what others have asked for for their wedding. Maybe we’ll disguise it as the Honeymoon Fund. 

Around 20% of couples want 'only cash', while 50% like a mixture of cash and gifts all on one list. The majority of cash gifts are honeymoon fund contributions (62%) while 37% are cash contributions towards other things such as a home renovation or camper van fund.

#10 Groom: Can I at least see the list? 

It’s easy to get carried away, but Prezola has lots of tech toys, outdoor accessories, barbecues and bar accessories to keep the other half happy. Plus both of you can log in so don’t forget to give him a chance!

To find out how Prezola works, click here

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