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5 tips for making your Best Man speech legendary

5 tips for making your Best Man speech legendary

Written by Katie Byrne

No, really. Wow the crowd with these pointers for the best best man speech - perhaps EVER!


#1 Know your audience

It can be valuable to ask the bride and groom for an insight into who their guests are before you begin writing your speech. If there are a lot of family members and older relatives present, you'll want to keep it feel-good and heart-warming. If it's a younger audience, you can go a bit more risqué...

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#2 ...But remember there's a line

Don't cross it! Amusing stories from the stag do, yes; cringeworthy throwbacks to antics from the groom's younger days perhaps not so much. Avoid anything that will upset the bride, mortify the groom or horrify any sensitive ears. 

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#3 This classic formula is pretty fool-proof

- Open with an amusing ice-breaker

- Congratulate the bride and groom

- Compliment the bridesmaids 

- Tell stories and anecdotes about the happy couple

- Read out any messages from friends and family unable to attend

- End with a toast to the bride and groom

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#4 Tackle your nerves

Yes, standing in front of a seated audience to deliver the perfect Best Man speech is a terrifying prospect. There's no denying it! But by keeping things in perspective, you should be able to keep jitters in perspective. So instead of freaking out, make sure you...

- Write your speech in advance and get plenty of practice reading it out loud (plus, learning it off by heart and using cue cards will make you feel 100 times more confident)

- Make sure you have a glass of water by your side to help keep that annoying dry-throat feeling at bay. Plus, steer clear of too much booze beforehand, as well.

- Don't imagine that everyone's naked. That can lead to some terrifying visuals! Rather, remember that you're all there for one reason: to celebrate the love of the happy couple. It isn't an X Factor audition or a job interview and it's not about impressing anyone - rather, your main objective is to deliver a from-the-heart missive about the couple sitting next to you.

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#5 Consider props

From a super-sweet photo slideshow to a Smithy-style piece of toast (you'll know what we mean, Gavin and Stacey fans), if you want to include any props during your spotlight moment, plan ahead in advance. Timing is key - make sure you have everything you need in order to avoid any last-minute mad-dashes to Waitrose for a loaf of bread...

PS My boyfriend was Best Man at a wedding two summers ago. No, his speech didn't go viral or end up on Buzzfeed or the Daily Mail - rather, it was a super-sweet, thoughtful monologue that perfectly summed up his relationship with the groom (and bride!). Watch it below! 


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