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25 thoughts every bride has when planning her honeymoon

25 thoughts every bride has when planning her honeymoon

Written by Katie Byrne

It's the trip of a lifetime - so here are the things you might just find yourself thinking as you plan it!


Yippee - time to plan the honeymoon! This is going to be a breeze. A gentle summer's breeze, as the ocean laps at my toes and I sip on a cocktail, probably served in a coconut...

Wait, wait, wait. My partner wants a city break?

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But I want beach! Beach, beach, beach! 

Nope - no matter how many beach holiday pins I show him, he's not changing his mind. Ugh. Who is this guy? Why am I marrying him?

All I want is an inflatible flamingo sun lounger and a pool that I can lounge by all day, whilst casually Instagramming selfies to make my friends jealous. 

YASSS. Image source.


And obviously spending lots of quality time with my husband, too. 

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I bet there aren't many cocktails served in coconuts in CITIES. 


*Both get distracted for the next fortnight watching the new series of House Of Cards and honeymoon is forgotten about. Until...*

Wait! We need to sort the honeymoon!

Okay, well we've agreed on a destination at last. A city, with a beach not too far away. The perfect compromise, no?

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With diplomacy skills like these, maybe I should join the UN. Clearly picked it up from Claire...

Time to post a casual Facebook status about our H-moon plans, drawing subtle attention to the fact we're going for a fortnight and it will be 38°... And what?

I should probably be looking at the table plan or something but that can wait until I've found the perfect bikinis.

I mean bikini. I'm only going to buy one, obviously.

Whoops, just bought four... #noregrets

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Hmm. Just casually Googling malaria. Do I need jabs...? What if I get bitten by a mosquito?

Wait - should I write a will?

No. I mean, yes, probably should at some point but not because of the malaria that I almost certainly won't catch from staying in a 5-star hotel. 

Just watched The Little Mermaid - and what? - and now I'm regretting that we're not going straight from the reception to the honeymoon

Now we can't exit our venue like this. *sad face*


Ergh. Everytime I log-on to Facebook, I keep seeing adverts for our hotel and the city we're staying in.

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Can't wait to get married - because that means honeymoon!

Obviously what I really mean is, can't wait to get married because that means lifetime of wedded bliss with bae.

But mainly the honeymoon. And the coconut cocktails. 

Okay; so the honeymoon is officially sorted. Now - back to that seating chart... 

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