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20 genius ways to personalise your wedding day

20 genius ways to personalise your wedding day

Written by Katie Byrne

Add some serious 'us' to your wedding day with these adorably creative ideas...


#1 Instead of a 'normal' Order of Service or wedding programme, opt for something a bit more personalised. 

Think more than just names and dates: add pictures, decorations and more! Click here for more ideas. 

Image source; image source; image source.

#2 Commission an artist to create a gorgeous 'crest' for the two of you.

Crest: Happy Menocal.

#3 Include details that give a nod to family heritage.

Image source; image source.

#4 Create a time-line aisle runner!

You know you wanna.

Image source.

#5 Write super-personalised vows. 

Dig deep, ladies and gents.

Image source.

#6 Inject as much HUMOUR as possible.

If you and your partner have a similar sense of humour, then this is a no-brainer. Fill your day with poppy, zany twists that perfectly match your idea of a lol-worthy celebration.

Image source; image source.

#7 Fill your venue with photos! 

Image source; image source.

#8 Serve up customised cocktails as your guests arrive at your reception.


As well as treating your guests to something delicious, it's also the perfect way to get the party started. 

Image source; image source.

#9 Theme tables around things that are important to your relationship: places, numbers, locations...

Image source.

#10 Serve up snacks your guests will actually want to eat!

Think throwback snacks and delectable finger-food.

Image source; image source.

#11 Own a beloved dog? Include him or her in your day!

Image source; image source; image source

#12 Other pets also welcome too, of course...

Image source; image source; image source.

#13 Ask someone you know to make your wedding cake...

...In lieu of a gift (duh). Real-life newlyweds Nadiya and Joe asked the groom's grandma and cousin to whisk up this scrumptious naked bake - see more of their Cornish celebration here.

Image: Lucy Davenport 


#14 Use chalkboards to add some extra sentiment to your ceremony and/or reception areas.

Whether used for a timetable of the day ahead or simply for your favourite quotes about love, these are super-sweet (and easy to DIY) additions to your day.

Image source; image source.

#15 Sing your own first dance song!

No, really - head to the studio and sing the track that you and your partner want to dance to, like this bride did. 

Image source.

#16 BOTH give speeches!

Increasingly, brides as well as their partners are taking to the mic at the reception. Granted, if you're not a fan of public speaking you'll want to give it a swerve but otherwise consider stepping up to say a few words.

#17 Create some DIY games for your guests.

No pressure but this Guess Who idea is rather amazing.

Image source.

#18 Add a monogram to your dancefloor...

Image source; image source

#19 Ask your guests to do something creative in place of a conventional guestbook.

For example: Lisa and Lloyd got guests to create a fingerprint tree and share their advice for married life. See more of their wedding here!

Image: Julie Michaelsen Photography 

#20 Stage an exit from your reception that is just SO you guys.

Whether it's leaving on the back of a motorbike, beneath an arch of sparklers or to the sound of your favourite Queen song - do it your way!

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