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9 reasons to dress your maids in Carolina Herrera pink this #SS16

9 reasons to dress your maids in Carolina Herrera pink this #SS16

Written by Sarah Tippett

We love PINK and we LOVE Carolina Herrera, so together they make the perfect inspiration for every bride planning her wedding day (and her bridesmaid's ensembles!)...



#1 Because feast your eyes on these beautiful Spring|Summer'16 concoctions...




#2 Pronovias have some FABULOUS pink designs from both their 2016 and 2017 collections...hop to it and head over there now!


Image source; image source


#3  The little flowergirls will looks totes adorbs in the colour too! #aww We love this cute little beaut on the left from Nicki Macfarlane! Not to mention the little jacket that comes with this Sarah Louise at Children's Salon gown! 


 Image source; image source


#4 AGAIN. Cast your peepers on these looks from the Carolina Herrera runway show. THAT floral number! *cries into keyboard*



#5 There's some great affordable gowns in the colour of the season out there at pocket-friendly prices! We love these picks from Monsoon (left) and Glamorous (right). 


Image source; image source


#6 Be inspired by the collection's textures. When choosing your maids' dresses why not opt for something with a little sequin embellishment or texture to it? 



#7 Because, look how cute their bouquets will appear against the pink of the dresses! #eek 


Image source; image source.  


#8 You could pair the dresses with THESE *GASP* from Chelsea Paris


Image source; image source


We're SOLD. 

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