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9 no-effort beauty tricks every woman should know

9 no-effort beauty tricks every woman should know

Written by Katie Byrne

Up your beauty game with these tips and tricks for a flawless look - every time!


The problem: my skin is looking dull. 

The lazy-girl answer: Apply highlighter before and after your foundation for a gorgeous glow!

This year is all about the dewiest of glows, and the simplest way to do this is with the help of your favourite highlighter. Dab on in all the usual places (brow bones, cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, above your Cupid's bow), pat until blended and then apply your make-up as usual. 


For extra radiance, apply highlighter once more when the rest of your make-up is in place. 


The problem: I overslept and missed my morning hairwash.

The solution: Accessorise!

Conceal greasy hair with the help of a stylish accessory - think a Blair Waldorf-esque headband or a cute hat. 



The problem: I want to make my lips look bigger.

The answer: A minty tingle!

beauty hacks

For a plumper pout, mix a little peppermint oil into your favourite lipbalm or gloss (or more simply: dab on top after you've applied your product). The tingly sensation will give your lips an entirely natural boost - and will taste delicious all day long, too.


The problem: I have bags under my eyes - and concealer just isn't fixing them!

The lazy-girl answer: Get baking.

The key to reducing pesky under-eye circles, as well as flawless make-up that stays in place all day long? Baking your make-up! In a nutshell, you'll be sweeping translucent powder over your face, letting it 'set' for a few minutes before sweeping it off with a brush. Watch this video to find out more.


The problem: I have no idea how to contour. 

The lazy girl answer: Head to your cutlery drawer and grab a spoon...

No, really! If you've never been entirely sure where to put your contour make-up on your cheekbones, this will help! Simply hold a dessert spoon over your cheekbone for the perfect positioning.

Image source.


The problem: HOW do I make my cat-eye flick look fabulous rather than frightening?

The answer: Grab the spoon again...

Image source.

Bank cards are also great for nailing that liner, FYI...

Image source.


The problem: I want to lengthen my eyelashes but don't have a primer. Whaddo I do?

The lazy-girl answer: Talcum powder!

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The problem: my foundation is, like, impossible to fully blend.

The lazy-girl answer: you just need to apply it differently. 

Apply foundation from your nose outwards. This makes for easier blending, allowing the product to be pushed outwards and helping to minimise the chalky, heavy look that foundation can sometimes have. #ew


The problem: I don't have time to contour but still want my cheekbones to pop. 

The lazy-girl answer: try sunstripping. 

It's way easier than contouring, actually - promise! Watch the how-to video here

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