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Real groom perspective: in search of the perfect wedding suit

Real groom perspective: in search of the perfect wedding suit

Written by Cal Gildart

The reason why this self-proclaimed groomzilla feels as though he'll be calling the wedding off? He wants a suit like Jagger!


The land is booked. The marquee, food and band are all booked. The wedding dress has been tried on, chosen and paid for. The photographer and videographer are sorted. The flowers? We’re all but there in that regard too.

So why does this groomzilla feel as though he’ll be calling the wedding off?

When Jade Jagger married DJ Adrian Fillary in July 2012, the bride’s father, Sir Mick, then approaching his 69th birthday, wore a lilac and purple-striped suit. Upon seeing it, nine months before I decided I’d be popping the question, 15 months before I did and more than four years before the time I’ll be saying “I do,” I knew exactly what I wanted to wear on my wedding day.

Pretty much since the wedding date was set last spring, I’ve been visiting fabric shops, both online and in person, to no avail. Tailors have told me the same thing: “Get down to Berwick St.” Well, I’ve been there. They either don’t have it or haven’t ever seen anything like it.

The suit in question...


Because the design is, I’ll admit it, somewhat loud, I was advised upholstery fabrics — particularly ones on sale in the Kings Road area — might be my best bet. However, it seems the establishments around there peddling such products can’t get their head around the fact tailors have said they’ll be able to fashion suits out of their wares and, accordingly, haven’t been much help whatsoever.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t taken this search’s equivalent of throwing a bullseye blindfolded and been in at least one curtain shop.

The 18 July 2012 copy of Hello! magazine featured an exclusive spread of the Fillary-Jagger wedding, so I’ve been trying to get hold of it just to see whether it mentioned the makers of Mick’s suit. The B2B has been saying I should start messaging his Twitter account and hope he (well, whoever runs it) would respond and be able to help me out. Perhaps I should have my own mawkish hashtag—#jesuiscal has a nice ring to it.

We’re just over seven months away from the wedding, and the B2B has on more than one occasion asked what I’ll wear IF I can’t get hold of the fabric. She’s great, evidenced by her emphasising the “if,” but I can’t countenance the idea of wearing anything else. One of my prospective tailors — whose father was tailor to both my Grampa and Dad — told me it’d take around six weeks to make up my suit. That gives me a little under half a year at the absolute most.

With every move of the second hand, I’ll be one step closer to wearing a blue suit with brown brogues — I might as well sport what every other unimaginative dilweed throws on if my search for the Jagger fabric is in vain. Though I won’t be growing a beard.

Sod all those brides who want to be a princess; I want to be a Satanic Majesty.

Join Cal in his search over on Twitter.

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